Hi Frank, Richard, and Chelsea,

We have officially been back in our house for just over a year, and we are as happy with it as the day we moved back in!

I wanted to thank each of you again for the work you did to make our home what it is today.

Richard, we love the design. It works great for our family. We went from 6 windows to over 25 and we are loving the natural light. I admit that the laundry room may be my favorite room in the house.

Chelsea, I continually get recommendations on the selections we made, and I attribute it to you. I could not have done this without you as you asked questions that I didn’t even know existed!

Frank, I really enjoyed working with you and we still love the house. Chris comments still about how impressed he is with this massive car wash of a shower. I really like how the office turned out with the murphy bed. Its been used on multiple occasions, and there have been no complaints.

If any of you need a recommendation for anything, please let me know as I would be happy to provide one. We joke about this house being the 10 year house. This was such a positive experience for us, we hope to do this again in 10 years.

Thank you again,
Katie Simoes